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English Simplified Traditional
abalone 鲍 (more translation)
abandon 背弃 (more translation) 背棄
abash 使羞愧 使羞愧
abbey 僧院 僧院
abbot 男修道院长 男修道院長
abdicate 禅 (more translation)
abdomen 肚子 (more translation) 肚子
abduct 诱拐 誘拐
abide 守候 守候
ability 本领 (more translation) 本領
abject 卑怯 卑怯
able 能力 (more translation) 能力
abolish 废 (more translation)
aborigine 原住民 原住民
abortion 人工流产 人工流產
about 搬弄 (more translation) 搬弄
above 前头 (more translation) 前頭
abrasive 粗厉 粗厲
abreast 并肩 (more translation) 並肩
abroad 国外 (more translation) 國外
abrogate 废除 (more translation) 廢除
abrupt 猝 (more translation)
absence 缺席 缺席
absent 缺席 缺席
absent-minded 健忘 健忘
absolute 绝对 絕對
absorb 摄 (more translation)
absorption 吸附性 (more translation) 吸附性
abstract 抽象 (more translation) 抽象
abstruse 沕 (more translation)
absurd 荒唐 (more translation) 荒唐
abundant 盎 (more translation)
abuse 弊端 (more translation) 弊端
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